250 miles, 12 mph average25-30 Aug 10
Vienna to Budapest

There is so much information available about the Danube Cycle Path that I won't add any story of my own but will add a few summary tips below and a bit of a slide show (opens in new window).
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Continuing east on the Danube Cycle Path is a breeze, although the signposting on a short section through Slovakia and Bratislava is a little confusing, the rest is as good as that upriver with the added bonus of lower prices out of the Euro-zone in Hungary. Once again food and accommodation are in ample supply, although English is rarely spoken a smattering of German would be useful.

Once in Hungary the route is signed as Eurovelo 6 and the surface remains a 70/30 split between sealed and unsealed but rideable on all but the flimsiest of racing tyres.

The section between Bratislava and Esztergom is a little dull after being so spoilt but the route returns to its full glory around the Danube bend and enters Budapest triumphal.

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