330 miles, 13 mph average25-29 May 09
Donaueschingen to Passau

There is so much information available about the Danube Cycle path that I won't add any story of my own but will add a few summary tips below and a bit of a slide show (opens in new window).

The path is cycling Utopia. Once you've ridden it, everything else seems poor in comparison. As well as its own traffic free path, the route has its own sign posting and traffic lights. On the rare occasions you come into contact with motorised vehicles; they have to give way to you.

It's almost all flat, but contrary to popular belief, it doesn't always follow the river but occasionally diverts you to places of interest.

There is ample accommodation to suit all budgets and you can't get lost, so there is no real need to book an organised tour.

The surface is 70% tarmac and 30% gravel track. We coped well on road racing bikes with Kevlar reinforced tyres, but would really recommend something sturdier, although you don't need a full-susser!

The eastern end starts in the foothills of the Alps but anywhere can have snow midwinter and weather can be highly variable at anytime of year.

Anyone contemplating a round-the-world bike trip would do well to consider it as a route between Switzerland and Bulgaria as it will by-pass the Swiss Alps, Italian Apennines and Greek Pindos mountains.

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