Quick resumé

David Piper, a Plymouthian who now resides in Cornwall, has ridden bikes since not long after he learned to walk. He considers himself a belligerent cyclist, frequently falling out with car drivers who do not give him right of way, but also campaigning for safer cycle routes.

He’s managed to survive into his forties and hopes to complete the round the world project by the time he’s fifty or before he’s knocked off and killed.

He regularly rides and races with Team Chodski’s Indians (who rose from the ashes of what was formerly Cornwall Mountain Bike Club) and has been a regular competitor at endurance races. In 2005 he rode solo in the Kona Global 24 hour off-road race, limping home in 23rd place against an elite international field. His only comment after the event was that his backside felt as though it had been flossed with razor wire.

Inspiration & links

There are an infinite number of routes that could be taken but I'd like to think that the journey described in these pages is the definitive round the world by bike route for several reasons:

1. It visits a large number of those 'must-see' sights, such as the Grand Canyon, Taj Mahal, Ankor Wat, St Peter's Square and so on.

2. Wherever possible the road less travelled is the road of choice.

3. There are a number of physical challenges for those of such a mind - the Monarch Pass in the Rockies, Death Valley, The Grand St Bernard Pass in the Alps, The Nullarbor Plain in Australia, The Friendship Highway to Tibet and many more.

4. In plotting the journey I wanted to link together some of the world's historic routes as well as passing through areas of outstanding natural beauty, so here is a summary of some of the routes I followed.

I'm not the first person to cycle around the world by any means, and here is a list of those that have. They have all helped and inspired me and, I hope, will inspire you too. Click the banners to visit their sites:

Mark raised the bar in terms of a record RTW ride, and he's gone on to make a career of cycling adventures. A very nice man to boot.

James is quiet and unassuming fellow and yet is the current RTW record holder. He now uses his stamina and energy tirelessly raising funds and awareness for Parkinson's Research.

Andrew & Friedel, The Travelling Two took three years out of 'normal life' to see the world by bike. Their story is a testament to love and understanding whilst their website is a great resource for any cycle tourist.

Al has penned several books diarising his adventures to some of the world's most remote spots.

The cycling photographer par excellence. Peter's pictures are stunning, go and look for yourself!

Stephen wrote the Bible for anyone cycling off the beaten track. Sound advice from a sound chap.

Tom is the kind of guy that eats guinea pigs and locusts to keep the biking munchies at bay. His books are a brilliant account of his culinary journeys.

And of course Anne Mustoe - the number one inspiration for many cyclists. Her writings were both entertaining and educational. She always took time to reply to my trivial questions and she will be sorely missed.

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